FACET Results

Processing results
$8.00 per couple

Please use the fax cover sheet provided here to FAX the completed answer sheets to FACET at:

FAX #207.773.2162

The results will be processed and returned by email within two business days. Please retain the originals for your records.

If you prefer the results returned by mail, please indicate that preference on the cover sheet that accompanies the fax.

Order Materials

Please use the form below to order FACET materials. You will receive the shipment within two weeks from placement of the order. Invoices will be sent via email unless otherwise requested. Please send your payment upon receipt of the materials. Please Note: Materials are available in English or Spanish.





Reusable Question Booklets in English:
@ $3.50 each =

Answer Sheets with Follow-Up Questions in English:
@ $7.00 per set of two =

Reusable Question Booklets in Spanish:
@ $3.50 each =

Answer Sheets with Follow-Up Questions in Spanish:
@ $7.00 per set of two =


Please Note: If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please send an email to sbeirne@maine.rr.com.