Guidelines for Facilitators

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FACET Tool Topics, cont'd.:

    The world will not stop for anyone. Most of us are swamped with many things — most of them even good things. But, we need to take responsibility for setting a healthy balance and making sure we keep the marriage as our top priority. Eventually there will be two children and three jobs or three children and two jobs — in other words, lots that can come between the couple — and it is up to the couple to take responsibility for how they will handle the various life obligations that will be an ongoing part of their relationship.

    Many engaged and newly married couples report that even before marriage they have trouble balancing "together time" with the many other time consuming activities in their lives. Some believe that after the wedding things will "settle down" and they will have more time to spend with each other.

    Additional Questions to assist the conversation:
    • Do you feel you have challenges now with managing time?
    • Do you have different styles when it comes to together time (e.g., one of you likes to go out while the other is a couch potato)?
    • How will you achieve balance?
    • What are you going to do to keep your marriage alive and vibrant?

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